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We are the Sarmatian Knights, the training clan of the United Soldiers. We train as Knights to become Soldiers. We will fight and die to become soldiers, answering our Call of Duty and bringing honor to our name and our clan's name.

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We are the Sarmatian Knights. We are a Call of Duty clan founded in the early summer of the year 2005, with the authorization of the United Soldiers Council, most notably head councilman, =]US[=GOA Yoda. We are the brainchild of =]US[=2LT Samurai, who thought us up as the solution to the United Soldiers' problem with recruiting. We are a training clan for =]US[= Clan, which was created in 2004 by members of the disbanded =EAA= Clan.

Anyone can join the Sarmatian Knights. We will have clan wars and scrimmages when the oppurtunities present themselves in order to train our soldiers up to the standards of the United Soldiers. Once a dedicated Sarmatian Knight becomes skilled enough, they will be inducted into the ranks of the United Soldiers.

You may contact us for any purpose at This email account is checked every day when possible, but if you do not recieve a response, do not worry, you will recieve one shortly. We thank you for your patience.

Now come! Join the many who have already taken up arms with the mighty Sarmatian Knights! Take a seat at the round table and be proud of the power and might of your clan!

Visit your future, which for all those worthy, lies in the United Soldiers' Clan. You may witness the feats they have accomplished at or you may converse with them on the public areas of their forums, at Join the adventure now!

I will die in battle. Of that I am certain. But hopefully a battle of my choosing. But, if it is to be this one, grant me a favor. Don't bury me in our sad little cemetery. Burn me! Burn me and cast my ashes to a strong east wind." ~ Lancelot, King Arthur

The Sarmatian Knights thank you for visiting.